What's Your Racial IQ?

What's Your Racial IQ?

Thursday, April 2, 2015

What ethnic groups, now called "white" weren't considered fully white when the USA was founded?


  1. Right Rick!

    But don't forget the Italians, the Poles amd many other groups called "white" these days. I predict light-skinned Hispanics will be the next group totally absorbed into the "white" mass in very few years.

  2. It's weird isn't it, that more and more people are being absorbed into the made-up category of whiteness, when in actuality all of our heredity goes back to Africa?

  3. Tell it Seth!

    But what's even weirder is that the nation whose claim to fame is its dedication to the idea of human equality and freedom was built on the reality of forced inequality and slavery.

    Weirder yet is that every generation of "white" Americans disavow all responsibility for these crimes against humanity, but demand that they receive all its unearned benefits.


  4. Conflating all Irish as the same (or all Italians) is an error, when the caricatures show specifically which Irish were not considered white by the dominant English/German native American populace. Andrew Jackson, the 7th president was Irish. Polk (11th), Buchanan (15th), Grant (18th), McKinley (25th), etc. were part Irish.

    6% of whites owned slaves, and they fought a bloody war that ended slavery. An even greater number of Africans were sent to arab nations, where most of them were not allowed to have children, either eunuched or killed (thus the reason why there are hardly any Africans in Arab nations). But those who don't know history keep blaming Europeans, despite the fact that slavery has existed throughout history on all continents, and still exists today, in Africa, where the original slave owners sold conquered tribe members to slavetraders, who were disproportionately Jewish. African-American historian Tony Martin has publicized this connection. But whites get the blame. Ended slavery, were rarely owners of slaves, but we get the blame.

    1. Thanks Doug,

      You make some interesting points. I'm sure that the Irish, like most ethnic groups had their own social hierarchies before and after they got to the USA.

      You say, "6% of whites owned slaves, and they ......to end slavery".
      That's one I'm not going to touch here. Anyone who's read anything past grade school about the reasons for the Civil War (or even watched Ken Burns' ever-running film on PBS) knows it's...er....uh...a little more complicated than that.

      The rest of your comment goes even further toward losing the point of this thread. This is not the place for it. I'm interested in helping to solve the race problem in the United States of America, the only nation/state of the ones you alluded to founded on the idea of human freedom and equality.

      If you have more things to say related to the point, please do. But if you want to just spew out the usual "Ameribis" that confuse the issue and stop the civil exchange of information, there are thousands for places on the Internet you'd be more welcome.